The general de Gaulle appeal on June 18th, 1940.

This frame was in my parent's house.

My father can't accept the 1940 defeat and the following  armistice . He'd like to reach London and the General de Gaulle. But he finds nobody to help him.

On November 8th, 1942, US Marines landed on Morocco beaches, coming to help the  lonely  Great Britain which is fighting Germans and Italians in African deserts. France now comes back in this "world war".

Many young French people living in France find a new idea to fight too. They will try to cross Spain, to reach Morocco. My father is one of them.

He leaves Paris on January, 16th.

Here begins his moving story. My father wasn't a hero. However, helped by courage and will, he'll take his part in the Victory.

Account from  Mrs Caralp, the daughter of the man who helped my father to cross Pyrenees.

"In January 1943, two young men came at my parents' house, in Terrefort. My father was a "Resistant". He helped those who wanted to reach Spain and Africa. Your father stayed for 8 days here, waiting for the best night to try the crossing of Pyrenees. When they reached Andorra, two days later, they sent a message on Radio Andorra. Listening this music, we knew they were safe."