ABOUT the FREE FRENCH et  Livre de Guerre


A very nice website made by France Television.

Gén. D. BROSSET, Gen. de MONSABERT, Gal BETHOUARD and more!

The French Colonial Army

French 4th moroccan mountain division, African army (43/45), battles, accounts and pictures.

A very interesting autobiography about a young French soldier (in armoured division) during the ww2. From Africa to Austria.

French Corp of Engineers

"Arme du train" website (vehicles)

LIBERATION OF PARIS 19/25 aug. 1944

A lot of pictures, accounts, mysteries and more!

A young Swedish man made this website.  You'll find here a lot of details,  IN ENGLISH. Forum.

A very good website about the Liberation of Lure (in the French Vosges), by US troops on september 44. (3rd DIUS)

Accounts, pictures, books, weapons and uniforms.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, U. S.

A photographic journey of the Third Signal Co. of the 15th Regiment of the U.S. Third Infantry Division-WWII
by Denis Toomey