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Caporal-Chef Robert LEON

"You answered the France's appeal,  you risked your life to join the Free French Forces. You were in the volunteers team, the good fellows who maintained our country in war and honour. You belonged to those who, in first line, gave to France the opportunity of being victorious ! Now, our goal is reached. I want to thank you, with friendship, in the name of France!

1st September 1945 Charles de Gaulle

You can see on this document, his Cross of War, on the left side.

Medal of volunteer services of Free France

The  French Army department certifies that Caporal LEON Robert is authorized to wear the Free French medal.

Paris on 15 September 1947.

On this document (right) you can read:


M. Robert LEON leaved France intentionally () , risking his life and his freedom, to reach the Liberation Armies in North Africa. Then he took a good part to the liberation of his country. Thanks to his qualities of energy and courage, he overcame a lot of difficulties.

From now, he's authorized to wear the " medal of Evades".

On the bottom-right, you find the Cross of Volunteers Soldiers of the Resistance.-

On the link, the patch of the 1st DFL (Free French Division) , which was sawn on his uniform.

On the right,  the patch of the "Rhin et Danube Army" (Germany and Austria campaigns, 1945) leaded by general de Lattre de Tassigny.



The Free French metallic badge (pin)