France ALSACE, February 1945. Click to enlarge.

AUSTRIA: 3 June 1945. General DROMARD (commander of Genie in 1st French Army) comes to visit the 152 Regiment of Genie.

My father and a friend near a BMW belonging to the Wehrmacht.


NEW !! Pictures of the French-American Memorial in SIGOLSHEIM France (near Colmar) click to e,nlarge. Feel free to ask me big size pictures.

In the little town of Sigolsheim, there is a Memorial for the french-american friendship and remembrance. On the pyramidal red stone is writen : ""The grateful Alsace, the veterans of the 1st french Army, Rhin and Danube, to their american friends.  Liberation of Alsace 1944/1945, 21e CA US, 3e DI US, 28e DI US, 75e DI US, 12e DB US, 36e DI US, 45e DI US, 62e DI US, 103e DI US.""  You can see the different badges of these divisions. If you want some of these picture in a bigger size, feel free to ask me.